Happie Bamboo: "Not just another Brand"

Happie Bamboo:


Welcome to our Happie Bamboo website. As you can see, lots of beautiful photo's, a nice colour pallet and we hope you like our products and prices.

But wait a second, that's what every website looks like these days right? Nothing special we hear you say. We agree and therefore we would love for you to continue reading so we can explain you our story, and why we are a little different...

We are a little family business, based in Mt Eliza, Victoria - Australia. My husband, Hans and I (Eva) have three things we are extremely passionate about:

  • Our three beautiful girls

Raising our girls (Ella - 6 years, Trixie - 17 months & Liv - 5 months) is fun but also the hardest thing we've ever done.

When we settled in Australia (16,500 km away from our family in Belgium) 7 years ago we forgot one little thing. All our support network is on the other side of the world so there is literally never a moment we can drop off the kids with the grandparents and have a breather...

Our three girls are with us all the time, so also when we run our business, have "Happie Bamboo" meetings and hand-pack all the orders. While this can be extremely challenging, we also believe it is amazing exposure for our little girls.

Entrepreneurship, working hard (7 days a week, 52 weeks a year), the ups and downs of running your own business, providing excellent customer service, etc. are things you unfortunately don't learn at school. Ella, our 6-year-old is already very keen to start up her own "business" called Happie Pictures!

  • Nature and the environment

Now we wouldn’t call ourselves eco-warriors or anything like that… We still drive a car on petrol, go on holidays (not so much anymore lately unfortunately…), have way too much plastic stuff at home and don’t even grow our own vegetables (but if we find some time will definitely set up our own veggie patch)!

We do love nature, going to the beach, spending time outdoors, the mountains and just exploring this beautiful country.

The last few years we’ve become more and more aware that the way we (and lots of other people and families) live and consume is not sustainable. So slowly but surely this idea grew to start up our own little business and make more sustainable, affordable products available to your average person and family.

Our biggest challenge until today has been to scale our business, educate people and get our brand and purpose out there. The people who buy our products absolutely love them and support the purpose behind Happie Bamboo. But there are still so many people out there that don’t even know. Not just about Happie Bamboo, but that when we buy plastic products, these will be around for a long time and that plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental issues and threats we face.

  • Making a difference and giving back

We believe we are so fortunate that we can do this. Yes, financially it’s not easy, we’ve both took big pay cuts from our corporate jobs to start up Happie Bamboo. Working 7 days a week and dealing with the ups and downs of running your own business hasn’t been easy either.

But it’s so much more rewarding and doing something that you’re passionate about definitely gives you a new perspective on life. We also find it important to give back and make a difference.

Hence, we’ve chosen to support the WWF, and our goal is to become a “WWF partner in conservation” (a community of committed people joining forces to create a brighter future for our wildlife, people and the planet) by the end of 2019. This requires a minimum donation of $1,000. To raise this money, we will set aside $1 for every order we get and at the end of 2019 donate the funds raised to the WWF. Hopefully it will be enough to make us a “partner in conservation”!

So, thank you in advance for your support, feedback and (hopefully) your first of many purchases. It means a lot us to make Happie Bamboo a success, and every little bit of help and support is welcome, and much appreciated. 

Happie regards,

Eva, Hans, Ella, Trixie and Liv