What's the worst thing that can happen when you buy a bamboo product?!

What's the worst thing that can happen when you buy a bamboo product?!

Personally, I’ve bought and used bamboo products (until recently, the bamboo chopping board was my favourite) for many years but I never really thought about it too much. The look and feel of bamboo beat the (cheap) plastic look, but are there other, more positive aspects to bamboo than just aesthetics.

And, if we can replace the plastic chopping board with a better-looking bamboo version, what other everyday plastic products can we replace? That led me to investigate why we should use bamboo instead of plastic and how we can do this without compromising on functionality and, if possible, the cost of the product.

So why should we use bamboo instead of plastic? 

Bamboo is a highly renewable, natural material that has antibacterial, anti-fungal properties and is biodegradable as opposed to plastic. Plastic can take up to 1000 years to biodegrade and is the leading cause of mass pollution all over the world.

Using Bamboo Instead of Plastic

For better or worse (and more recently, worse), plastic has changed our everyday lives. Being one of the financially cheapest materials to produce on the planet and its ability to take many physical forms, it’s been a game changer in the kinds of products we’re able to manufacture. Think of every mobile phone you’ve owned, every toothbrush, the packages you open when purchasing something from the store, and even the materials used inside our cars.

Plastic has been a staple in the growth of our culture, society, and economic affluence, but it’s come at an environmental cost. In what ways, you might ask? Well, some include:

  • 50% of plastic is never reused or recycled.
  • It takes up to 1000 years for plastic to biodegrade.
  • Over 1 million plastic bags are used every minute in the world.
  • Creating plastic requires fossil fuels (oil), which increases our planet’s carbon emissions.
  • Over 8 billion kilograms of plastic end up in the ocean every year.

Now I am the first person to admit that not everything that is made in plastic can be replaced (in a cost-effective way) by bamboo or other earth-friendly alternatives.

But… Many everyday plastic items we use can be replaced by earth-friendly, bamboo alternatives without making any sacrifices except maybe (not always) a slightly higher cost.

And this sometimes-higher price point has benefits to. Bamboo is a very durable material, so everything made of bamboo will last a very long time and because you paid a bit more you might not throw it away so easily. It also sets a good example and starts the conversation with your kids and family about sustainability and making environmentally responsible choices. Lastly and for many most importantly, they work and look amazing around the house. The natural look has a warm and comfortable feel that integrates with almost any design or style.

So, give it a try. I promise you that you will be happy (or should I say Happie!). And, in the unlikely case you really don’t like it, at least you know that what you’ve bought won’t be around for the next 1000 years!

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